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Nuvoco celebrates 30th Anniversary of Jojobera Cement Plant, Jamshedpur

Bhubaneswar : Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd., India’s fifth-largest cement group and a leading player in East India, celebrated 30thAnniversary of its Jojobera Cement Plant (JCP). Since its inception in 1994, JCP has grown exponentially and holds a significant share in Nuvoco’s success story.

With a production capacity of 6.6 MMTPA, JCP has evolved into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, making it one of the largest in the Indian cement industry. JCP holds a reputation of operating as one of the model plants that showcases high operational efficiencies. Furthermore, JCP plays a crucial role in enabling Nuvoco to achieveone of the industry’s best cement-to-clinker ratios of 1.8. Additionally, it reinforces its commitment to enhancing green energy usage, reflecting its dedication to the Company’s environmental agenda—PROTECT OUR PLANET.

On this momentous occasion, Mr. Jayakumar Krishnaswamy, Managing Director, Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd. stated, “Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Jojobera Cement Plant marks our continuous commitment to excellence and innovation. As a leading building materials player in East India, JCP is pivotal in strengthening Nuvoco’s position across key eastern states. The plant also manufactures a wide spectrum of premium and high-quality brands such as Concreto, Concreto UNO, Duraguard, and Double Bull, serving diverse markets.”

On this occasion, Mr. Uma Suryam Bolla, Head – East Cluster Manufacturing commented, “We celebrate 30 years of excellence today, but our focus remains firmly on the future. Our theme for the event – Celebrating 30 and looking forward to the next 30 – Tees Par Tees clearly indicates our future orientation. The potential of JCP and its people truly excites me. We’ll continue to push boundaries and make this plant a leader in the industry for years to come.”

As Nuvoco Vistas commemorates this significant milestone, the company remains committed to embracing new technologies, diversifying its product portfolio, and continuing its journey of growth and innovation.

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