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TPSODL focuses on continuous network upgradation

Sanakhemundi: TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL) is gearing up its preparedness to provide reliable and uninterrupted power supply to its consumers. To meet the demand for increasing electricity, this summer TPSODL is strengthening its electrical infrastructure. A recent example of the company’s proactive approach is the upgradation of a 3.15 MVA power transformer to a 5 MVA transformer at Pudamari village, Sanakhemundi. The transformer is an inductive electrical device, essential for changing the voltage of alternating current. The upgradation of the transformer will enhance the reliability of the power supply, mitigating overloading issues in the area. As per its commitment to serving the community, TPSODL is focused on network augmentation to enhance the power distribution system and provide reliable power supply to its consumers.

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