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Citroën, the leading French automaker, is embarking on an ambitious journey with its Network Expansion Program aiming to establish 200 sales and service touchpoints by the end of 2024. This transformative initiative underscores the brand’s dedication to delivering an unmatched Citroën brand experience to a diverse and expanding customer base nationwide.

The addition of new dealerships, in markets across Urban, Semi-urban, and rural markets will significantly increase Citroën’s footprints to over 200 from the existing 58 across India, this is  400% growth in network. The meticulously designed expansion plan aims to create a robust presence near the customers and deliver an unparalleled Citroën brand experience with innovative smart retail formats tailored to different market categories.

Commenting on the network expansion Shishir Mishra, Brand Director, Citroën India, remarked, “We are looking to aggressively make Citroën available to consumers and extend the potential of our products beyond Tier I/Tier II cities. Our focus extends to Tier III and even Tier IV markets, strategically chosen for their proximity to Tier I and Tier II cities and their potential for substantial growth. These markets boast burgeoning consumer bases eager for enhanced accessibility to quality products and services. By investing in these regions, we aim to not only capture emerging opportunities but also contribute to the socio-economic development of smaller urban centers, fostering prosperity and inclusivity across diverse geographical landscapes.”

Earlier this year, Stellantis, reinforced its commitment to India with an additional INR 2,000 Crores investment under its Citroën brand, underscoring the company’s dedication to Citroën’s growth in India. As Citroën continues to expand and innovate, the brand remains steadfast in its vision of transforming and reaching customers, making its products and services accessible to everyone.


Since 1919, Citroën has been creating automobiles, technologies, and mobility solutions to respond to changes in society. A brand of boldness and innovation, Citroën places peace of mind and well-being at the heart of its customer experience and offers a wide range of models, from the distinctive Ami, an electric mobility object designed for the city, to saloons, SUVs, and commercial vehicles, most of which are available in electric or rechargeable hybrid versions. A pioneer brand in the services and attention paid to its private and professional customers, Citroën is present in 101 countries and has a network of 6,200 points of sale and service throughout the world.

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