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Bhubaneswar: The Santaan Fertility Clinic and Research Institute (Santaan) has today announced that it has appointed National Award winning Ollywood actress Anu Chaudhury as new Brand Ambassador. New audio visual commercial featuring Anu Choudhury is also launched at the glittering ceremony held at Hotel New Marrion, Bhubaneswar Wednesday.

Expressing happiness about the association, Actress Ms. Anu Chaudhury said that, “It is a great privilege for me to associate with a brand like Santaan. I am filled with a deep sense of purpose. In the last 7 years, Santaan with its vision ‘Science for Smiles’ has brought smiles to more than 7000 couples in Odisha by using the best technology (Science) in an empathetic manner. I am really touched by the patient education program which shed myths associated with infertility. It has helped women to understand the issue and avail services to complete their families. I am really excited to be part of Santaan’s noble mission of empowering women and their families through use of innovative scientific solutions.”

On this occasion Mr Raghab Panda , CEO of Santaan said, “We have received interest from various places and we are evaluating those opportunities of expansion now “.

“When we started the first center in Berhampur , there was a lot of skepticism on its feasibility. We stayed firm on our conviction on latest technology and the needed service which we were committed to deliver in my home town. I feel happy our model going places and able to serve more and more people.” said Dr Deepika KN padhi, clinical director and fo-founder of Santaan .

“We can make healthcare accessible and affordable by using advanced technologies. That’s my mission in life. We are starting our services intentionally in odisha as its our home state as well we belive in technology’s positive power in making healthcare accessible with a smile.” said Dr Satish Prasad Rath, founder of Santaan Group of Institutions.

Santaan after its initial phase of stabilization at home (Berhampur and Bhubaneswar) is getting on its expansion plan . Santaan is launching new centers in bangalore , Karnataka and ambur , tamilnadu . Santaan is also going to set up new centers in odisha , in Anugul, western orissa as well southern Orissa.

Santaan’s ‘ She and Her’ is a unique preventive service that takes care of women from grooming till they retire in post menopausal stage. Though women are the foundation of a family and society, unfortunately their health is often neglected. Women’s health goes through various plashes of development from the age they attain puberty till they attain post-menopausal state, at each phase they need a personalized screening so that they stay healthy and make the society healthy. This unique service will involve conditions like PCOS, mental health issues of adolescence and womanhood, family planning, contraceptive services, fertility planning, digital ante natal screening, prenatal genetic screening and women hormonal issues.

As an important part of this service we will be religiously taking care of women cancer screening. Many women suffer because of late diagnosis of breast cancer and cervical cancer. Santaan for the first time is introducing AI powered cancer screening that’s accurate, non- touch, immediate and affordable. We intend to work with govt, NGOs, corporate and CSR communities to increase its reach .

We are using AI powered technologies which are fast, accurate and non intrusive and affordable. Women always delay their health screening citing lack of time and fear of pain or cost. Keeping in mind these challenges we have created this unique offering from our research team. Said Dr kaninika Panda, head of Santaan’s academy and research and head, She&her .

Santaan is the only fertility institute in the country which has its own dedicated research unit funded by Santaan. Most of the technologies used in IVF are imported and built for outside India population. This is the core reason of IVF being costly and not tailored for Indian masses. At Santaan research and academy we are building new innovations which are need of the hour which helps us treat our patient better at affordable cost.

For the same reason we have established a training center for embryologists. We are happy to announce that our graduates ( more than 150 in number ) are placed across india and outside . following are the few innovations developed in house at Santaan Research and Academy

Santaan in collaboration with IIT Hyderabad is building the next generation embryoscope.  The selection of best embryo during IVF is a crucial step for success. The current systems (imported) are prohibitively expensive. Our research aims to build the world’s first mobile embryoscope that will be affordable (frugal innovation) and accurate using advanced technology like 3d printing, IoT, AI. Santaan is being awarded the much sought after research grant by the Department of Science and Technology, under the Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India for the same.

For the first time in the industry, Santaan has developed an AI enabled; IoT based quality monitoring system for IVF Lab and biological media. This enables us to monitor quality remotely and ensure better outcome.

Fertility journey based behavioral model: fertility patients are often stressed and unaware of the real possibility. we have developed unique behavioural models that can counsel patient better to help them understand their situation, to make them see the possibility and help them with hope for better outcome, that’s our science for smiles .

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