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Swabhimani Odia Women’s World Organises Odisha’s First Ever Handloom Walkathon

Bhubaneswar: Swabhimani  Odia Women’s World, in collaboration with Parichaya Foundation, Lion’s Club International, and Spandita, is proud to announce the historic event of Odisha’s First Ever Walkathon Wearing Odisha Handloom,  take place on 6th August 2023. The walkathon has commenced from Sikharachandi Chhack, aiming to raise awareness about the challenges faced by weavers and to instil a sense of pride in wearing and flaunting our handloom creations regularly, fostering global awareness about this exquisite heritage.

Special attraction of the walkathon was Zumba, handloom drapes, entertainment and exciting gifts. Eminent weavers were also felicitated for their valuable contribution for fostering Odisha culture and heritage. Event was opened for all above 12 years age. Among others present on the occasion are, Former MP Sidhant Mohapatra, Ollywood Actress Elina Samantray, Eminent Classical dancer Saswat Joshi, OTDC Chairman Sreemayee Mishra, Ex-MLA Priyadarshi Mishra.

The Walkathon not only witness enthusiastic participation from citizens across the state but also garner support from dignitaries, public figures, and influencers, all united in their commitment to showcase Odisha’s handloom creations on the global stage.

Sasmita Mishra, President of Swabhiman Odia Women’s World, expressed her enthusiasm for the Walkathon, stating, “This event is a testament to the strength and determination of Odisha’s women in promoting our state’s cultural heritage and supporting the livelihoods of our talented weavers. By coming together as a community, we can make a real difference in the lives of these artisans and ensure the continuation of our glorious handloom tradition. Let us walk hand-in-hand towards a brighter and more prosperous future for our weavers.”

In addition to spreading awareness about handloom, the event making it a holistic effort to empower both the weavers and the communities they represent. Swabhimani Odia Women’s World extends its gratitude to all the participants and stakeholders who have played an integral role in making this event a reality.

Handloom is an integral part of Odisha’s rich cultural tapestry, embodying the craftsmanship and artistic legacy of generations of weavers. However, this age-old tradition faces numerous challenges, including competition from mass-produced textiles and the struggle to find a sustainable market. The Walkathon endeavours to shine a spotlight on these issues and draw attention to the invaluable contributions of our weavers in preserving our cultural heritage.

By encouraging people to embrace and celebrate our handloom creations, the event aims to bolster the economic prospects of weavers and promote the sustainable growth of this time-honoured industry. It further aligns with the vision of a self-reliant and culturally enriched Odisha.

Swabhimani  Odia Women’s World is consistently working towards  creating awareness/ promoting Odia culture, tradition, food, showcasing talent, giving opportunity to home entrepreneurs, helping voice out ones innermost feelings, extending all types of help to the needy and sharing some light moments too.

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