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53rd National Safety Week concludes at Tata Steel Kalinganagar

Kalinganagar: Tata Steel Kalinganagar (TSK) observed the closing ceremony of 53rd National Safety Week in its plant premises with great fervour on Thursday.

Rajiv Kumar, VP (Operations), TSK and Rajiv Mangal, VP, Safety, Health, and Sustainability (SHS), Tata Steel graced the occasion as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively along with Rabindra Jamuda, President, Tata Steel Kalinganagar Workers’ Union (TSKWU), Neeraj Sinha, Chief, Safety (I&SEA), Tata Steel and other senior officials of TSK and business partners.

The closing ceremony of National Safety Week was attended by more than 300 participants including employees, and employees of various business partners to celebrate and acknowledge the importance of safety in various aspects of life, including workplace, road, home and community. The celebration focussed on this Year’s theme “Focus on Safety Leadership for ESG Excellence” that emphasises proactive leadership in fostering sustainable and responsible development, ensuring the well-being of individuals and the environment.

During the event, various departments within TSK were recognized and awarded for their outstanding contributions in Process Safety Management (PSM), Contractor Safety Management (CSM), Rail and Road safety, Plant Maintenance and Engineering (PME) compliance, Skill Upgradation, Emergency Response Team (ERT) initiatives, Safety Performance Index (SPI), First Aid practices. Winners of various competitions including quiz and poster-making competitions, etc organised during Road Safety Month and National Safety Week were also felicitated by the dignitaries on the occasion.

The closing ceremony was a testament to Tata Steel’s unwavering commitment to ensuring a safe working environment for all employees. It brought together employees, management, stakeholders, and safety experts to reflect on the significance of safety in the workplace.

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