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108 ambulance crew turned angel for critical mother

Koraput: 108 ambulance crew turned angels for a critically ill woman. Suman Barai, a pregnant woman from MV-79 area of Malkangiri district, was admitted to SLN Medical College, Koraput for post-natal treatment. However, on September 20, when her condition suddenly deteriorated, the doctor advised the patient’s relatives to immediately collect B-positive blood. But at the same time, the patient’s family members were upset as the blood group was not available in the hospital as well. At the same time, a 108 ambulance that had come to SLN Medical College, Koraput with another patient received information about the patient. Then 108ambulance EMT, Prashant immediately came forward to donate blood without any delay and donated a Unit B’positive blood to the patient. He has been highly appreciated for such humanity of the 108 ambulance crew.

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