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TPSODL demonstrates commitment to customer-centricity through a range of initiatives

Berhampur: In a commitment to prioritize customer satisfaction, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL) has taken a series of customer-centric initiatives to ensure that consumers have a positive and more satisfying interaction with the company.
Consumers have access to assistance around the clock, with TPSODL’s toll-free helpline numbers 1800-345-6797 and 1912 for any electricity-related queries or information. Similarly, the company has simplified the process for obtaining new connections. A missed call to 7008808888 or the ‘Mo Bidyut’ Portal ensures fresh connections.
To combat electricity theft, TPSODL has introduced a dedicated detection number (9777097449) and an email address ( for customers to report any incidents. Like so, Customers witnessing unethical practices related to electricity connections are encouraged to report incidents via WhatsApp at 9777977620 or by filing a complaint at
On the other hand, addressing concerns regarding unsafe electricity connections, the ‘TPSODL Suraksha Prahari’ app allows users to promptly report hazardous electricity usage, facilitating a quicker response for implementing necessary safety measures.
In a move towards digitalization, TPSODL is incentivizing consumers with a 4 percent rebate for digital payments. This includes payments made through the dedicated ‘My Tata Power’ app and other online platforms.

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