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108 Ambulance pilot donates blood to a sickle cell patient

Deogarh: 108 ambulance crew member became angel for a sickle cell patient by donating
blood. As per the report, a sickle cell patient named Gobinda Mahakud (13) years Male treated
at Deogarh DHH.
As condition of the patient deteriorated, the doctor advised his relatives to arrange blood
immediately. While 108 ambulance dropping another patient at DHH the father of the patient
came to ambulance crew and requested to arrange an unit of B+ blood for his son. Fortunately
108 ambulance pilot’s blood group was similar with the patient. The ambulance pilot, Amrit
Singh donated blood to that patient. So without any hesitation he stepped forward and
donated a unit of blood for the patient. It is his 5th time for donating blood.

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