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Domino’s Abaar Niye èlo Sharod Upahar, Mutton Kosha, Malai Chingri aar Champaran Mutton Pizzaar Bahar

Domino’s Debuts Mutton & Prawn Pizzas in India for the First Time

Bubaneswar : This Pujo season, Domino’s, India’s leading pizza chain, aims to be a significant part of the celebrations in the East. Motivated by the success of last year’s additions, the brand is eager to enhance the customer experience further. Especially for the Puja season, Domino’s showcases its collection of 6 delectable pizzas with 3 new pizzas inspired by authentic Bangla and Eastern regional cuisine.

The immense success of last year’s introduction of special Eastern flavours during the festive season has spurred Domino’s to expand its offerings to now offer mutton and prawn pizzas in India for the very first time. Locals can now relish the delightful regional tastes of Kosha Mangsho, Champaran Mutton and Malai Chingri in pizza. Vegetarian patrons too can enjoy the traditional flavours of Kosha Veg, Champaran Veg, and Malai Paneer as part the regionalised menu. This range of pizzas seamlessly blends traditional culinary delights, promising a flavourful and memorable dining experience.

Upon launching the 3 new varieties, Sameer Batra, President and Chief Business Officer – Domino’s India, commented, “The rich culinary history of the East has constantly inspired us at Domino’s. This coupled with the fact that the East has always been a priority market for us had led to the launch of the 1st edition of the Flavours of East range last year. We have always heard the voice of our users and are delighted with the 2nd edition of the Flavours of East range offering 6 mouth-watering non-veg and veg pizzas, inspired by the beloved flavours of the region. We are hoping that the newest additions to our menu will create wonderful memories and bring unbridled joy to our consumers in this festive season.

The non-vegetarian pizza range – Kosha Mangsho, Champaran Mutton and Malai Chingri starts at Rs.399/- onwards and for our vegetarian customers, the vegetarian pizza range – Kosha Veg, Champaran Veg and Paneer Malai starts at Rs.299/- onwards.

Customers can now satiate their taste buds from the 17th of October onwards by walking into any of our Domino’s stores across Eastern part of India such as West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. They can also order these lip-smacking pizzas online by visiting or using Domino’s mobile App and through any of the popular food aggregators.

This Pujo, Domino’s extends its warm wishes: Subho Sarodiyar Priti O Subhechha.

3 New Delectable Pizzas:

Kosha Mangsho: A first of its kind Kosha Mangsho pizza. Made with our authentic Kosha sauce topped with our delectable Mutton meatball & Onion.

Malai Chingri: An irresistible fusion of authentic Malai sauce, succulent Chingri (Prawns) & Red Paprika with a sprinkle of Panch phoran seasoning.

Champaran Mutton: Savor the infusion of authentic Champaran sauce topped with our delectable Mutton meatball & a dash of Red Paprika.

For aficionados of vegetarian pizza, Domino’s offers:

Kosha Veg: Authentic flavour of Kosha sauce topped with grilled Mushroom & Onion.

Malai Paneer: Authentic flavour of Malai sauce topped with spiced Jalapeno, Masala paneer & a sprinkle of PanchPhoran seasoning.

Champaran Veg: Authentic flavour of Champaran sauce, loaded with Red Paprika, Capsicum & grilled Mushroom.

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