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Now plan Early Retirement and Fikar-Free Future with Tata AIA’s Fortune Guarantee Retirement Readiness Plan

Now remain Har Waqt Ke Liye Taiyaar through Tata AIA’s Fortune Guarantee Retirement Ready Plan
Retirement aspirations are deeply rooted in pursuing financial independence, enabling us to preserve our cherished lifestyle well into our golden years. We yearn for the economic resilience to confront life’s unforeseen challenges without burdening our loved ones. Whether it’s globe-trotting adventures, quality moments with grandkids, or spiritual journeys, planning for retirement is a vital step towards safeguarding our dreams. Enter the Tata AIA Fortune Guarantee Retirement Ready Plan, a meticulously crafted solution from Tata AIA Life Insurance designed to empower you for the golden years with guaranteed benefits and compelling features, ensuring you can fully embrace life.
Key Features of Tata AIA Fortune Guarantee Retirement Ready:
• Plan Options: Choose from three plans: My Pension, Partner Pension, and Partner Pension Plus. Each option caters to different needs, providing flexibility for individuals and couples in planning their retirement.
• Guaranteed Additions: Enjoy a 6% guaranteed addition of the sum assured on vesting, boosting your retirement corpus and providing a stable foundation for your golden years.
• Vesting Addition: Receive a lump sum Vesting Addition at the end of the policy term, further enhancing the overall benefits of the plan.
• Premium Payment Flexibility: Tailor the plan to your financial preferences by selecting from Single, Limited, or Regular premium payment terms. This flexibility ensures that the plan aligns with your unique financial situation.
• Special Discounts: Avail special discounts, including:
o Smart Lady Discount: 2% on the first year’s premium for female lives assured.
o Transgender Discount: 2% on the first year’s premium for transgender customers.
o Super 35 Discount: Up to 2% on the first year’s premium for customers under 35.
• Flexibility: The product offers flexibility in the entry age (30 years) and maturity age (85 years).

Plan Options:
1. My Pension (Option 1): A single-life option offering assured benefits on vesting. In case of the life assured’s demise during the policy term, death benefits are provided as defined in the policy.
2. Partner Pension (Option 2): A joint-life option with assured benefits on vesting. In the event of the last surviving life’s death during the policy term, death benefits are payable.
3. Partner Pension Plus (Option 3): A joint-life option with an added Waiver of Premium (WoP) benefit in case of the primary life assured’s death during the Premium Payment Term. The policy continues for the second life assured with waived premiums, ensuring complete benefits.

Vesting and Death Benefit Options: Options to avail of Vesting Benefit include utilising the entire proceeds for an annuity from the company, commuting up to 60%, or purchasing an annuity from another insurer. A Vesting Booster of 5% is added if 100% of the Vesting Benefit is used to buy an annuity from the company.
The Tata AIA Fortune Guarantee Retirement Ready Plan combines the certainty of guaranteed benefits with the flexibility to tailor the plan to individual needs. With various options, discounts, and added benefits, this plan empowers individuals and couples to embrace their retirement years with financial confidence.
Please refer to the official product documentation or consult a Tata AIA representative for the most accurate and detailed information.

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