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TPWODL Promptly Resolves Major Power Breakdown using CFL Technology

Burla, 04.05.2024: As part of value addition to its operation & maintenance work, TPWODL has started resolving major power breakdown issues with intervention of modern and latest technologies to ensure immediate restoration of supply in the affected area.

Recently, using advanced cable fault locator (CFL) technology, TPWODL team promptly identified the exact location of fault at Sambalpur -Jharsuguda underground 33kV line passing under railway tracks at Charapada. This 33kV underground line from Katarbaga feeder of Sambalpur East Electrical Division supplying power to Katarbaga, Tamperkela, Pradhanpali, Gulmal, Basuapali, Jhankarpali areas of Sambalpur district and industrial consumers. The consumers at that area would have suffered from power supply.

It is worth mentioning that, the traditional fault detecting procedure by manually excavation of 100-meter-long tunnel would have taken at least a fortnight to detect the location of the faulty cable, since there were no alternative sources of power supply to these area. However, with the application of CFL device, TPWODL’s STS team ensured restoration power supply in that affected area within 8hrs by excavating only 6.4 meter long and 12 feet depth. Test results were found satisfactory after repairing.

On behalf of TPWODL, we also like to extend our hearty thanks to the railway officials for their cooperation in extending the required permission to start the work immediately.

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