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TPSODL prepared for the upcoming monsoon season

Berhampur: TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL), the joint venture between Tata Power and Odisha Government for power distribution in Southern Odisha, has announced a number of initiatives taken by them to meet any exigency, during the upcoming monsoon season. The company has introduced proactive measures for ensuring a seamless power supply within the region.
TPSODL’s Power Supply Control System (PSCC) at Berhampur is fully equipped to monitor electricity 24*7. As a backup solution, TPSODL has deployed mobile substations to provide electricity during emergencies.

Some of the other key steps taken by the company include:
• Satellite phones’ connectivity across all circles, PSCC (Power Supply Control System) and CEO office
• Safety preparedness of TPSODL Business Associates (BAs) for a safe work environment during monsoon
• Priority accorded for reliable supply to the Feeders supplying power to Hospitals, Community health centres, Public health centres, etc.
• Adequate manpower and vehicles availability maintenance and breakdown on 24×7
• Availability of Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer, Poles, line hardware, and LT ABC at stores including transit stores
• Strengthened Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and Fuse Call Centres (FCC) team on a temporary basis in urban areas and sections having vast geography
• Heavy-duty torches at Section office and Aska (Portable Gen Set) lights at Circle & Division level as another step towards full preparedness
• Provision of reserve manpower, Tools and Plants (T&P’s), Crane, Hydra, and Pole Master with existing Business Associates for exigency

In addition to this, the company has also ensured that resources are enhanced at 24×7 Call Centre (Toll free no: 1912 /1800 3456 797) to respond to calls from consumers for timely action in case of emergencies. Customers can also raise their concerns on any issue via My Tata Power Mobile App or can also email at

“With the impending rainy season, everyone’s safety is a top priority. Our team has taken rigorous efforts to protect our network and avoid any potential electrical accidents. We conduct regular inspections and are devoted towards delivering stable power supply to our clients.” said Mr. Amit Garg, Chief Executive Officer, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.

Precautionary measures, undertaken by TPSODL:
1. Pre-monsoon checks and preventive maintenance of equipment carried out at both distribution as well as primary sub-stations
2. Earth leakage tests carried out at Distribution Substations, Junction boxes /LT Distribution Boxes to improve public safety
3. Special drive of tree trimming to avoid them from falling on electrical infrastructure
4. Adequate dewatering pumps installed at all distribution sub-stations to avoid flooding
5. Vehicles with the necessary equipment to handle emergencies
6. Adequate stock of essential spare parts, tools, and equipment including transformers, switchgear, etc. to ensure minimise the response time toward power interruptions
7. Dedicated quick response teams strategically placed at various nodes across DISCOM areas to cater to any eventualities
8. Mock drills to check monsoon preparedness
9. Strengthening of customer care centres to help customers to connect faster and register power failure or any other technical complaint

Safety guidelines to the consumers:
1. Ensure that the meter cabin providing electric supply to the premise is adequately protected from waterlogging or leakage
2. In case any alterations are made in the wiring, it should be thoroughly checked and tested by a licensed electrical contractor
3. Put on the main switch only after ensuring that all faults have been rectified properly
4. Put off the main switch in case there is water logging or leakage observed in the meter cabin
5. Unplug electrical appliances before the thunderstorm starts
6. Use reflective raincoats to make yourself more visible in traffic

1. Do not touch any wires or plumbing inside a building during lightning strikes as telephone lines/metal pipes can conduct electricity
2. Do not take shelter beneath a tree/any temporary structure in case of heavy wind, thunderstorm, and downpour
3. Do not touch any Electrical installations with wet hands or without using safety hand gloves, safety shoes, or insulated platforms
4. Do not try to walk, swim or drive through fast-moving floodwater
5. Do not fly kites near any overhead lines/electrical installations
6. Do not allow children to play near drains after rainfall
7. Avoid trekking in hilly/seashore areas during days of heavy showers

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