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AMRI Hospitals,Bhubaneswar celebrated 77th Independence Day

The 77th Independence Day of India was celebrated in solemn and dignified demeanour at AMRI Hospitals,Bhubaneswar. Beginning the celebration, Dr Rohit Jaswal Vice President & Unit Head unfurled the Indian Flag, which was followed by the singing of National Anthem.He delivered the speech on the occasion & highlighted the contributions of the people in building a better world to live.Security staffs were rewarded by Dr Rohit jaswal Unit Head in the presence of Rajashree Upadhyaya Unit HR Head & Dr Siddharth Mishra Medical superintendent for their good work.The event was enthusiastically attended by all Doctors & Staff of AMRI Bhubaneswar.program was ended with a vote of thanks from Mr Santosh Prusty ,Head of Facility Management.

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