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Honda Racing India’s rider Kavin Quintal shines in Round 4 of 2023 IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R

Kavin Quintal seals double win in Round 4

• Race 1: Kavin Quintal claims victory with the difference of 16.060 seconds followed by Mohsin P in 2nd position and Raheesh Khatri in 3rd position

• Race 2: Maintaining his lead, Kavin Quintal wins the race 2 followed by Mohsin P in 2nd position and Johann Reeves Emmanuel in 3rd position.

Chennai: Continuing to perform strongly and exhibiting the true racing DNA of Honda, the young guns of IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup showcased adrenaline-fueled action once again in round 4 of the 2023 IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R at Madras International Circuit in Chennai.

The weekend’s race was spectacular, with the next-gen riders delivering their best performances and proving their mettle on the Moto3 race machine platform – NSF250R, specially designed to elevate racing to higher levels and enhance riders’ competitiveness.

In Race 1 of Round 4 of the 2023 IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R, Kavin Quintal once again topped the charts, remaining the fastest on the track. The young lad finished the race by crossing the chequered line in the first position with a total time of 15:06.431. The second position was secured by Mohsin P, who finished the race with a total time of 15:22.491. Missing the second spot by a minor difference of 0.043 seconds, Raheesh Khatri had to settle for the 3rd position in the race.

Continuing to be the fastest on the track in the race 2, Kavin Quintal maintained his lead and rose to glory by completing the race in the first position with a total time of 11:20.815 in the six laps race. Utilizing his international exposure and skills, Kavin was in a league of his own, making a clean sweep by securing a double win in round 4 of the 2023 IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R. Overpowering the other riders on the track, Kavin won the race with a significant margin of 13.576 seconds.

In the interesting battle of P2 & P3, Mohsin P, Johann Reeves Emmanuel, and Rakshith S Dave were the contenders. All the riders competed neck to neck for the podium finish. In the intense battle where the riders kept exchanging their positions, it was a clean maneuver by Mohsin P that secured him the second position, finishing the race with a total time of 11:34.391. The battle for third position unfolded fiercely, and Johann Reeves Emmanuel finished the race in third position, clinching his first-ever podium finish in this category. Johann missed the second position by merely 0.057 seconds.

Applauding the riders for their commendable performances, Mr. Yogesh Mathur, Director, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India said, “Under the guidance of Honda’s mentors and experienced riders, our young riders are improving and getting better with each round. Today, we witnessed a new level of dedication and determination from our riders on the racetrack. Kavin’s performance was exceptional; he dominated his competition and secured a double win in this round. The round also brought good fortune to Johann Reeves Emmanuel, who spared no effort in achieving his first podium finish. As we approach the end of this season, our riders are determined to achieve even better results.”

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