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Finolex Introduces FinoGreen Eco-Safe, Halogen Free Wires

Pune, April 02, 2024: Finolex Cables, renowned for its cutting-edge electrical solutions, introduces FinoGreen Eco-Safe Single Core Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) Industrial cables, placing a paramount emphasis on safety and sustainability. These eco-conscious wires, crafted from recyclable raw materials, emit minimal smoke and contain zero halogens, aligning perfectly with Finolex Cables’ unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Manufactured with specially formulated Thermoplastic insulation HFI-TP 70, the FinoGreen wires boast low smoke and zero halogen emissions, further enhancing their eco-friendly profile. Notably, the packaging for FinoGreen wires is thoughtfully designed in green boxes, symbolizing environmental consciousness and making a clear statement about the product’s sustainable attributes.

Designed to mitigate safety risks in electrical installations, these cables are pivotal in averting accidents, particularly fires, commonly caused by electrical sparking at termination or jointing points. FinoGreen wires significantly reduce smoke emissions, ensuring better visibility and minimal release of Hydrochloric Acid Gas in the event of a fire, thus facilitating safer evacuations and minimizing potential damages.

Amit Mathur, President of Sales & Marketing at Finolex Cables, emphasized the significance of this innovation, stating, “Safety remains our foremost priority, and FinoGreen wires mark a significant advancement in upholding the highest safety standards in electrical installations.” He further highlighted the suitability of these cables for use in various settings, including high-rise buildings, shopping malls, airports, and high-security areas, where stringent safety standards are non-negotiable.” Mathur added, “Beyond their exceptional safety features, our eco-friendly wires underscore our unwavering commitment to sustainability. We believe that responsible innovation is pivotal in shaping a safer and more sustainable future.”

FinoGreen Single Core HFFR (Low Smoke & Zero Halogen) insulated Industrial Cables are designed for voltages up to 1100 V a.c., 50 Hz, catering to power and lighting systems, and are ideal for low-temperature applications. With excellent flame-retardant properties and stability, these wires offer enhanced durability and are recommended for installations where safety is paramount.

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