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TPCODL’s Visionary Approach Enhances Power Supply in Khandagiri

• Setting a Benchmark: First-Ever Integration of Advanced Technology Across DISCOMs
• Transformative Augmentation: Upgrading from 8 MVA to 25 MVA Transformer
Bhubaneswar: TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL), a joint venture of Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, has embarked on a significant endeavour to enhance reliability and address the increasing energy demands of the Khandagiri region over the next decade.
To meet the increasing load growth on a yearly basis in the city area, as a strategic initiative, the capacity of the power transformer, along with the switchgear, is being augmented in the existing PSS, anticipating the expected load for the next 10 years.
In a ground breaking initiative aimed at fortifying power infrastructure, TPCODL has strengthened the existing 8 MVA transformer with a state-of-the-art 25 MVA transformer at Khandagiri. This transformative Power Substation (PSS) stands as a trailblazing achievement, marking the first-ever integration of such advanced technology for voltage control and safety measures across Discoms.
The deployment of the 25 MVA transformer at the Khandagiri PSS center represents a pioneering feat, being the largest and most advanced of its kind within the entire DISCOM network.
TPCODL’s visionary approach to redefining power infrastructure and efficiency establishes a new benchmark with this initiative, delivering enhanced power supply to Jagamara, Kolathia, Dharma Vihar, Gandamunda, Aiginia, Jagmohan Nagar, Mallick Complex and Satyasai Enclave. This endeavour exemplifies TPCODL’s commitment to elevating the standards of power provision, transforming the landscape of electricity services in the region for the next decade.
Speaking about this initiative Mr. Arvind Singh, CEO, TPCODL has stated: “We are proud to introduce this ground breaking initiative that highlights our dedication to improving electricity services in the Khandagiri region. With this augmentation, we are not only meeting the immediate demands but also preparing for the future growth and development of the area.”
TPCODL’s relentless pursuit of excellence highlights its firm commitment to serving the community and advancing the power sector in its areas of operation.

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