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Any Kind of Waiver of Electricity Dues is not within the Purview of TPWODL

Burla/Sambalpur: It has been observed that there have been a lot of speculations spreading, particularly among the rural consumers in Western Odisha, that the distribution licensee can waive the old electricity outstanding dues. We herewith wish to clarify to all the consumers and the public at large that any kind of waiver of electricity dues of consumers, which includes domestic, commercial, industrial, or agricultural, is not within the purview of the distribution licensee.

Therefore, the licensee, TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited (TPWODL), has created various avenues for consumers to pay their electricity dues, both current and old, through either online and offline modes. In order to provide the comfort of payment, the company has engaged thousands of bill collectors those who visit door-to-door to serve the monthly electricity bills and request for payment.

The company is under its legal obligations & in compliance with all terms and conditions of determination of the Billing Tariff and Retail Supply Tariff Regulations 2022 of Hon’ble OERC. Therefore, the company endeavours towards decreasing the AT&C losses in every circle and every division of its area of operation under the licensee obligation. The reductions in AT&C losses are directly linked to the revenues collected from consumers.

Therefore, the company urges the consumers not to get carried away or biased by any word of mouth spread by some people to not to pay electricity dues because it may get waived by the government. This is not out of the place to mention that the Hon’ble OERC has already announced the retail supply tariff for the financial year 2024–25, which was advertised by the distribution company in mass media.

The TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited (TPWODL), a company under the house of Tata, would not indulge in or encourage in any such activity that is unlawful or unethical by nature. The company has been continuously putting its best efforts to provide the best of its services to all consumers, whether they are domestic, commercial, industrial, or agricultural. Therefore, the company has not only created walk-in customer care centres but also facilitated all modes of digital payment for the benefit of consumers to pay electricity dues and enjoy the rebate decided by Hon’ble OERC. If there is any specific clarification required by consumers, they are free to reach out to 300 odd offices or can call to the toll-free number: 1800-3456-798. They can also can visit to the company website at

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