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Handloom Renaissance: Odisha Weaver Flourishes with Swakalpa Support, Sets Example for Traditional Craft Revival

Subarnapur, 07-05-2024 – With the traditional craft of handloom weaving facing challenges in modern markets, initiatives like Swakalpa are emerging as crucial lifelines for artisans across India, fostering sustainability and growth in the sector.

Radhakanta, hailing from Subarnapur, Odisha, exemplifies the resilience and transformation possible with the right support. After dedicating 13 years to mastering the art of weaving, Radhakanta encountered the harsh realities of limited market access and financial barriers hindering his business’s progress.

However, his fortunes took a turn for the better when he joined forces with Swakalpa. Through the program, Radhakanta underwent comprehensive training, mentorship, and received crucial legal assistance. Armed with newfound knowledge and support, he launched his enterprise, Radhakanta Handloom, with a loan of INR 50,000 from the Bank of Baroda, allowing him to invest in essential machinery and scale up production.

But Swakalpa’s assistance didn’t stop there. Radhakanta received guidance in branding, marketing strategies, and was connected with prominent industry players like Tisser India and Dunguripali Farmers Producers Company. These collaborations not only expanded his business reach but also provided valuable exposure to wider markets.

Today, Radhakanta’s enterprise stands as a testament to the transformative power of initiatives like Swakalpa. With an impressive annual turnover of 5 LPA and a net profit of 1.5 Lacs, his success story serves as inspiration within his community, generating employment opportunities and revitalizing traditional crafts.

Expressing his pride in contributing to his family, community, and state through his handloom products, Radhakanta acknowledges Swakalpa’s pivotal role in realizing his entrepreneurial dreams.

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