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TPCODL empowers a Greener Future with Seamless Solar Rooftop Power Switch

Bhubaneswar: TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited, a joint venture of Tata Power and Government of Odisha, remains resolute in its commitment to promoting sustainable energy solutions for a more environmental friendly and enduring future. Now, customers can effortlessly switch to Solar Rooftop Power, aligning with TPCODL’s vision of harnessing the abundant energy of the sun for a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow.
TPCODL has facilitated installation of 828 solar plants on rooftops through Net Metering arrangement, collectively generating a capacity of 28,003.684 kilowatt-peak (KWp). Rooftop solar power offers numerous benefits for consumers, making it a smart and responsible choice:
Daylight Power Generation: Rooftop solar systems produce substantial energy during daylight hours, maximizing the use of abundant sunlight.
Significant Cost Savings: By harnessing solar power, customers can significantly reduce their electricity bills, resulting in substantial long-term savings. Generating solar energy for six hours a day can reduce electricity bills by 25% to 50%.
Eco-Friendly: It contributes to the reduction of global warming, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.
Net Metering: Excess solar energy can be returned to the grid for credits from local utility companies through net metering, ensuring maximum benefits.
Optimal Space Utilization: Rooftop solar systems efficiently utilize available vacant spaces for power generation, minimizing any impact on existing infrastructure.
Long Lifespan: Solar systems are built to last, with an approximate lifespan of 25 years, ensuring a long-term return on investment.
Energy Availability: Customers can tap into conventional grid-based energy during periods when direct sunlight is not available, such as at night, during winter, or during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower.
Government Subsidy: The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) is offering capital subsidies to incentivize adoption of Solar Rooftop system by domestic customers, Group Housing Societies and Residential Housing Associations (RHA). Eligible customers can apply at and avail the subsidies as following:
Plant Capacity Applicable subsidy
a) Up to 3 KW 14588/- per KW
b) 3KW to 10 KW 14588/- per kW for first 3 kW and thereafter Rs. 7294/- per kW
c) Above 10KW 94822/- fixed

Arvind Singh, CEO, TPCODL, enthusiastically endorses the idea, stating, ‘Solar solutions installed on your roof or grounds are perfect for harnessing the sun’s energy. They not only reduce your electricity costs but also empower you to fulfil your role as a responsible citizen by positively contributing to the environment.’
TPCODL remains persistent in its commitment to providing sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions to you. The adoption of solar power doesn’t just benefit individual consumers; it is a collective effort towards a cleaner and greener future for all of us.

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